Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pattern Purchase

Hello dear friends.Here are the two used charts (OOP) I got from Amazon. They are fairly priced and pretty decent (no markings or tearing).
A vintage Norman Rockwell pattern (published in 1985) I intend to stitch the one on top as a gift. I just don't know when I will be able to start it.
Next is a Ziggy booklet (published in 1984) I was quite surprised to see that it's full of patterns. Twenty I think. 
I'm still undecided which one I will do to give Big niece. She just finished highschool and will be moving to a university dorm in August. I think I can find something cute for her  future room. I just can't imagine that she's all grown up. 
She graduated highschool with an Associate in Arts Degree, is in National Honors Society and also received a President's award. {Please pardon the proud aunt - who wisely blurred the name so in case Big niece discovers this in the future, she won't kill me, lol.}
Kill me for giving a cross stitch present again! wahahaha.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. o no, more charts! I think this is celebration of surviving your birthmonth. Next month you can celebrate surviving a month without your birthday and so on... ;) The "think happy" Ziggy is really cute.

  2. Great find! I remember ziggy (I think that is a hint about my age).

    I stitched a Norman Rockwell about 20 years ago for my sister. It was a Samta with elves, maybe it was called Santa's Workshop.

  3. These vintage charts are true treasures ! A stitcher can never haveenough stash-if it exist then buy it ! lol :) I admit to be a stash addict and do not even want to find cure for that !! No wonder you a are Prpud Auntie..especially cool that your Niec have studied Arts ! Excuse my funny english and the bad grammar I am from Finland :)