Saturday, June 27, 2015

Back and catching up

Hello dear blogging friends. I'm back from the preview trip, arrived safely very late Thursday night despite the heavy downpour. Yesterday was spent doing all the laundry and going to the grocery. So now I'm free to catch up on some reading (which I'll do after my sleep :)
Brace yourself for a lot of pictures... I saved the best ones for last;) 
This is where the event was held. 
 Tour around campus. Niece summarized it as "brick buildings in a forest." I think she's having freshman jitters, knowing this is where she will live a couple of months from now.
 Look at those trees. There's an area here you can't pass by at night because they don't want to disturb the bats, and there's a lake where they keep the alligators.

The Gators' football stadium. Niece said they were taught how to do the cheer during the preview.

The freebie bag, loaded with school goodies - water bottle, fan, poncho, etc. You can tell what the weather is by these items, hah. Official gear were being sold after the 2-day event. Niece bought a magnet and a cap.
So now we come to how little niece and I spent our day while they were away. First day, we planned to go to the Butterfly Rainforest but the weather did not cooperate (thunderstorm and lightning everywhere) so little niece spent the morning til lunch at the indoor swimming pool, after that, she watched tv and slept the afternoon away. Ooooh, lucky me got a lot of stitching done!
Second day, we went and explored...the mall, still it was a rainy day. I got some good deals on clothes.
 And look at what I saw along the way:
This is the biggest Joann store I've been in so far. Unfortunately, there were no good xstitch sale items and I have no coupons on hand. Next time, I will be prepared! There's also a Michael's and we just found out Hobby Lobby is also in the area.
And now here's my travel stitching:
I finished the border (yipee!), then have gone on to do the red numbers which I'm almost done with:) I'll be posting that next with the best part of this trip. It's getting late. I'll catch up on reading those blogs tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. What great photos .
    Enjoy your self , lovely stitching.

  2. So glad you are back safe and sound and the trip was a success!

  3. A uni with alligators in the grounds. They just don't have them here!
    Nice work on your border meeting up perfectly too.

  4. Oh, you make me homesick!! We lived a couple hours south of Gainesville but visited there several times. I'm laughing at Jo's comment; yup, gators are just a part of life in Florida. Glad you had a nice trip. Go Gators!

  5. Your border looks lovely!! Glad to know you had a nice time on the trip. I enjoyed seeing the pics:)

  6. The border looks beautiful! A lake with crocodiles sounds scary and very non-Swedish, thankfully :=)

  7. What a beautiful campus. Glad you had a nice time even though it rained. Beautiful stitching!

  8. Looks like you had a great time ;)
    Beautiful progress on your WIP too!

  9. Lucky you with a visit to Jo-Anns! I think I couldn't live without a smartphone just so I can look up coupons haha. Great tropical campus though I could deal without the gators yikes! :D