Monday, June 22, 2015

12 Days of Christmas WIP

Hello dear friends, I hope everyone had a busy stitching weekend... as I did!
Actually, I tried to have as much done on 12 Days of Christmas before I "might" have to set it aside for this week. I'm on a roadtrip (6 hour drive) with sis' family for big niece' university orientation.  It's a two-day school affair (beginning tomorrow, where big niece has to stay overnight at the campus). After dropping her off comes the fun! We'll see how we're going to spend the time waiting for her and then traveling back, we don't want to bore little niece now do we? But just so you know, I packed my cross stitch too, lol. Brother-in-law is doing all the driving, with my sis doing all that scheduling thing while yours truly slaves on nanny duties, hah! So far, I think we're scheduled to return home late Thursday night.
Okay, enough said, we're here for the stitching! I'm thrilled to show you how much I managed since the last post, take a look:

I like how this border looks, I didn't get bored at all (unlike the border on Summer Breeze). Apologies for the bad photo taken so early this morning. 
I tried to finish the border but couldn't. These eyes begged off but the fingers were still willing, you know that twitching-eyelid kinda thing? Wish I can squeeze in some time tomorrow to finish it off... let's hope little niece quits bugging me by midnight (tough luck), hahaha.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching.


  1. The border looks very beautiful indeed!! Have a nice time on the trip :)

  2. That already looks promising and how fast you were , I am very curious how it goes .
    Wish you love a nice week Greetings Sandra

  3. Gignormous progress!! Looks fab ;)
    Have a lovely time away... who knows, might be a cross stitch shop too in the vicinity!

  4. Cute border it's so busy but in a good way :).

  5. I'm not a fan of borders either but this one is lovely. Very interesting.

  6. Wonderful progress! Ah, yes, I know about the fingers willing but the rest of the body begging for sleep. Have a great trip :-)

  7. Yay FPS! Their borders are very cute but I admit I'm not looking forward to the border on the Halloween sampler haha. Too much room for error and error definitely happens with me. :D Yours looks so lovely~

  8. Oh gorgeous progress. Have fun!