Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sea life progress

Hello dear blog friends.
Did you have a satisfying stitching weekend? I hope so, or if it was something better then that's great. The stitching spot is where I spent most of mine, I don't mind. The Big niece is back home for Thanksgiving break, so I wanted to have a week's worth of progress before everything gets busier. 
Here's Sea Life:
Stitched on the seahorse, seashells and the sand. Pretty much done with the darker tones. After all the white stuff comes the backstitch, which isn't really bad because there's not much of that, good for me😆.
I also managed to work on my small reindeer last week:
 There's a boo-boo here. I started with 3 strands on the antlers and hooves. When I got back to do the body, I used the 4 strands that was on the bobbin of the tan floss, no wonder it was tight to pull and started to get uneven stitches. Realization came too late. I didn't want to frog because of the big holes it would leave. Anyway, a hunkier deer is fine with me.
On other stuff, does anyone know if there will be any huge sales this week on cross stitch sites?
That's it for now.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. You made a great progress on both the projects!!

  2. Sea life is looking fantastic and the little reindeer is looking promising too :)

  3. Sea Life looks so good! That is a truly cute reindeer. :D

  4. Nice progress on both Gominam.


  5. Love love love your Sea Life sampler - more every time I see it!

  6. Lovely stitching..I like your hunkier deer:)

  7. I think the reindeer looks good! He needs to be a bit chunkier to keep warm in that cold weather!

    Have a great stitchy week and holiday.

  8. I love Sea Life , and little deer looks fab .

  9. Sea life looks amazing. You can almost feel the sea breeze. I love chunkier hunkier reindeer's, I mean they need to be a little meaty to pull the sleigh. I don't know of any sites having a sale at the moment, sorry.
    xo Alicia

  10. Sea Life has seen y lot of attention. And why not stitch the reindeer with 4 strands. You are right - frogging would leave ugly big holes.
    No, I haven't seen any sales going on but I haven't looked, lol. Due to customs reasons I don't order from US stores any longer (although I'd love to).

  11. Beautiful progress! Just love that sea life piece of course.

  12. Great progress. I did the same thing switching from two strands to one but I noticed after a few stitches so I could pull it out but it was in the middle of a design so I couldn't leave it!