Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Christmas stitching

Hello dear blog friends.
Someone's name is inching up Santa's "nice" list😇. 
I spent last weekend stitching on Christmas Eve:
 I was able to complete the snow on the ground. The camera can't capture the sparkles on fabric. By the way, this is light blue, not white. 
Words on the ground are next. I will be changing the colors to more attractive ones or a shade darker.
Meanwhile, my tree has grown:
 Only til now when I'm adding the picture that I noticed I missed to complete that one X on the leaf near the trunk. That's what I get for nightstitching, I'll get back on that soon. 
Since the tree is almost done, I started another small one. It's a reindeer:
 I still haven't told you where these new designs came from, it's from a very old book (unearthed from my recent book and magazine decluttering). I'll tell you once it's finished because I'm "shrinking" this pattern by a long mile.
I also needed a bigger ORT jar:
Isn't she cute? Got this at Michael's after Halloween and it was 80% off, of course she had to come home with me! It only cost me a dollar. I'm feeding this owl to keep both of us happy.

Thank you for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Love Christmas Eve , wonderful design and stitching.

  2. lovley stitching on both your pieces and I just love your new ORT jar

  3. Your stitching is bringing me the Christmas spirit! Love the owl mug - what a great find!

  4. Well now, you are certainly keeping busy with MULTIPLE projects!! ;)

  5. Lovely stitching !! I have never managed to keep ORT collection.
    Your hubby is giving you lots of stitching time, I think his name must be inching up on Santa's 'nice' list :)

  6. I just love Christmas Eve, a wonderful design.
    Gorgeous, the owl for your orts.

  7. Great work on Santa and his reindeer, it looks nearly finished now.
    I'm glad you told us about the missing stitch because it's so glaringly obvious I couldn't see it even when you pointed it out!

  8. Amazing Christmas stitches. Well done!
    xo Alicia

  9. Beautiful stitching as always. Love your new jar. Good luck filling it up!