Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tuesday to Thursday progress

Hello dear friends.
Another update on the friend's gift:
On Tuesday I only finished the black threads (windows and gate).
Wednesday I had more success as the arm felt better, I was able to fill the spaces on both hearts.
Tonight's even greater, I 'm done on all xstitches- those spaces on the roof, beehive and cats. I even put in some gray backstitch (smoke):
I'll be pulling an all nighter tomorrow if I don't finish this tonight since I'm not oncall Saturday. Yes, I'm panicking, haha. I want to mail it ASAP. I already have the frame for it, no matting involved.
On another note, some of the Prairie Schooler patterns have arrived. One is very fitting for next month (can you guess what it is?) so maybe after this piece, I will add that to my rotation. 
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Your doing a great job on it Gominam.


  2. It's looking great! Feel better :)

  3. It's almost done, looking great!!

  4. Looking great , you can do it.
    Your friend will love it.

  5. It looks finished to me! Great work. I have done an all nighter once but I couldn't do it now!

  6. Yay! You can do this. It looks so very nice.

  7. YOur friend is going to love this!!!
    Have fun!

  8. Looking good! I love all the chequerboard effects on it. And the tree!

  9. Now that is an appropriate amount of cats for a house. I hope you managed to squeeze in the finish! :)

  10. How lucky you are to receive some new PS charts! I've been wanting to order some online but I haven't been able to afford it frustrating!