Thursday, September 10, 2015

Three Witches

Hello again my dear blogging friends:)
I'm happy to say that Branch is moving along smoothly. Thanks a lot for the nice comments last time, just what I needed to keep me going!
I have finished the border, frames and all three witches!
Let's meet them:
Bachelorette number 1 is dressed in gray. With her outfit she looks like a novice in spellcraft.
Bachelorette number 2 scores extra points for posing with her broom.
And Bachelorette number 3 is the winner in my book for rockin' that LBD with sash, haha.
This is how The Branch looks now:
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Lol I like bachelorette number 2 her dress is my favorite :)

  2. Love the design , looking great .

  3. Haha, your posts always make me smile:) The bachelorettes looks great! I have so much fun following this project - love it!!

  4. Your three witches look fantastic , I like the whole picture is already incredibly good .
    Greetings Sandra

  5. Love this piece, it looks like such a fun project.

  6. Love the bachelorettes! :) It's coming along really nicely & looks like a fun project to be working on.

  7. What a cute piece and such a funny post! I love the bachelorettes.

  8. I love this project, it's just the kind of thing I like! I also love your comments about the three witches. There are so many sweet details in the piece.

  9. How lovely, and just in time for Halloween, too! :)

  10. I love this WIP! What a wonderful piece to be stitching on :o)
    Hugs xx