Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Day WIP

Hello dear bloggers.
It's another Happy Day update, but be assured there's also progress on the Halloween WIP (actually it got more stitches put in but the witches are just not in the mood to pose for photos right now, bad hair day, lol).
On the other hand, these kids are having major hair fix these days. But I eventually got bored with browns, so I started orange by the girl's feet (supposed to be a bag). 
This is all for now. Picking up Halloween WIP.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. I also get bored with browns and these days I am stitching a project with brown. Lovely progress!!

  2. Great progress! It is beginning to look like something now:)) I love the little old-fashioned blue cap - so sweet:))

  3. Nice progress on this WIP since the last update. These kids are coming into shape.

  4. Those cheeky witches!! :)
    Lovely progress. It starting to come along nicely.

  5. This one is going to be so cute! Naughty witches.

  6. Pretty work! Too bad the witches are trying to fly off on their brooms!

  7. You're making fantastic progress on this.

    Oh those naughty witches!