Tuesday, June 7, 2016

DC Trip (monuments/historic sites)

Hello blog friends. 
I haven't finished organizing the photos, there's quite a lot to review. I picked some that I thought were interesting, I used an iphone and an old Sony camera. Big niece has been bugging me for some time now to invest in a good one, but I'm just not into it (yet), I'd rather buy more stitchy stuff. DH is not a camera sort of guy too, he hates posing or taking pictures. I had to wring his arm to take some, jk. 
Okay, off we go...
We rode the hop-on, hop-off trolley tours, first stop was Washington Welcome Center which sells souvenirs.

Near the Center is Ford's Theatre - where Pres. Abe Lincoln was shot:
Right across the theatre is the Petersen House, where Lincoln died:
There were lots of schoolkids having field trips in DC.
The White House:
The National Christmas Tree (across the White House):
Near the tree is the Zero Milestone:
National Archives:
Union Station (I love ceilings:)
Capitol Building (under renovation);
Bureau of Printing and Engraving (where the moolah comes from:)

Department of Energy:
Jefferson Memorial:

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial:
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial:
Lincoln Memorial:
view from Washington Memorial, don't worry we'll get closer...
not close enough? legs are hurting, so let's just zoom in...
Albert Einstein Memorial:
World War II Memorial (there was a school band playing, really nice:)
Washington Monument... but wait, did you know there was a first monument before the present one?
Now here's the present one (Since it's a hop-on, hop-off loop tour, I was able to take shots at different times of the day:)
Love the clouds:)
can you spot me in this one (DH really needs to take photography classes, LOL
Past Lunch:
Reflective Pool shot
Tidal Basin shot
Late afternoon:
Other photos:
Lock Keeper's House
National Museum
And then, there was heavy traffic on our way back to the hotel (on the last day):
I hope I didn't bore you... because there's more to come (see, it's just the monuments). The best part are the museums. Yes, I do love museums. I've found some cool stuff to share next time:)
Back to stitching.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Lovely pics :) I've always wanted to visit Washington D.C.

  2. Thanks for the tour, I live in Canada and have never seen any of this. It is very interesting. Hugs

  3. Awesome pictures Gominam. Made me feel like I was right there with you. Looking forward to seeing more.


  4. Not boring at all. As I mentioned to you, I have never been to DC, so this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Awesome pictures I love DMC but haven't been since 5th grade. Hubby's going with his dad in September but I wasn't invited so I have to wait.

  6. Looks like a lot of wonderful sites were taken in!

  7. Nice to see lot of monuments, great architecture!! Must have been a good exercise with so many stairs.
    I hope that is you with the bag else that pic would not have been on the blog post :) Why blame poor hubby, you could have just turned around and ensured that his focus is on you;)

  8. Great pictures of your trip. And no, I am never bored who seeing pictures from other people's trips. I love armchair traveling. And I do love museums a lot. I could spend days in there. Looking forward to seeing your pictures from the museums you visited.

  9. Fantastic trip, judging with all these great pictures :)

  10. Looks like you had a great trip, lots of very impressive architecture.

  11. What a great armchair tour of DC! Looking forward to seeing more.

  12. I think your cameras are just fine; the photos are lovely! Makes me feel like I've been on a visit to Washington DC:) Looks like you had time for lots and lots of fun things!