Sunday, May 31, 2015

Goodbye Birthmonth (see you next year:)

Hello dear blogging friends. 
May is almost over. My new-used charts are still somewhere out there, so I don't have that picture. Oh, I've got new pair of scissors DH gave me a few days ago (actually I told him I want a new one, handed it to him and he paid the cashier like a good hubby would do, haha, along with mounting boards and aida fabric). The scissors' still in the box, now I don't know why I asked him to buy it, maybe to take advantage of birthmonth. Lately, I've been inspired by stitchers who framed some of their cross stitch and the results were pretty nice. I've been wanting to try it for some time. We'll see what I'll come up with (I have a frame sitting around somewhere).   

Anyway, here's my latest on Petal Fairy:

I'm 32 colors in. The wings are only missing the Kreinik. I might have to do the light yellow first before the skin. Not a bad way to close birthmonth eh?

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. The Best Birthmonth was pretty good, right? And what an obliging husband; I hope he did not roll his eyes too much hahaha. :D Good luck with your framing endeavors too, are you going to start with Petal Fairy? :)))

  2. Nice DH!!
    Your Miri is coming along nicely! Looking fabulous!

  3. Petal Fairy is looking wonderful.
    Good luck with your framing .
    What a wonderful husband you have.

  4. Get those Ginghers out NOW and start using them! Best scissors I ever bought. Petal Fairy is looking gorgeous.

  5. Your Petal Fairy is so pretty.

  6. Petal Fairy is awesome!
    I have those same exact scissors. They are very good.

  7. I LOVE gingher scissors!!! Petal Fairy is just breathtaking.

  8. Any excuse for more stash! These scissors looks the part :)
    I guess I'm taking over from you with birthmonth... see if my hubby is as well trained as yours :D

  9. Glad you enjoyed your birth month.

    I just love Petal Fairy and have really enjoyed all the progress photos you've been showing us.

  10. The Petal fairy is so pretty, what a lovely design