Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Magazine Binge

I just splurged on magazines online. Not to worry, no piggybanks were hurt. I did not get any stitch-related presents last Christmas (boohoohoo) but did receive gift certificates/check (yep, so original!), so why not spend a little on cross stitch mags. And now look what the post brought in!
DH was so delighted when he saw my purchase, hah!

Sorry I had to put them on the floor to get a photo:
 7 Cross Country Stitching Magazine back issues... Here's a closer look:
 Some of the projects inside:
I loved Jeremiah Junction's colorful country designs from way back. Below are just two of the projects I made from the previous decade (I don't have pics of the country shoppes I've done):
I found out that it stopped print in 2014 (sigh). I'm still craving for another one (a Country Shoppe or Alphabet issue or the last print as commemorative issue). Btw, they also tossed in a free chart and catalog (wink!). But for now I'm busy writing down the charts I want to reduce my scraps with... If only I could find time and strength to do them quickly!
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Ohhh my, what a great haul :)) you will be stitching till eternity LOL some beautiful projects there :)
    Happy Stitching lol

  2. Great purchase!! This will keep you busy, for sure :)

  3. Great Purchase. Have fun deciding what to stitch first.

  4. Wonderful enhancement! I sort of feel like my husband rolls his eyes at my stash purchases when I'm not looking. :D There are some pretty projects in there so you will have lots of fun~

  5. Oh, what a nice pile of magazines this is. It will keep you so busy. I also love thsi designer and every now and then stitch one of her designs.