Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Look Back at 2014

Hello! Feels good to be back! Happy New Year to all bloggers out there (esp. to those with finishes and new starts underway!)
Frankly, I'm still working on my 2015 Goals and Resolutions (*^*) List. And since I wasn't able to properly blog 2014 goodbye, here it goes... 2014 was not really a "challenges and triumphs" year for my stitching.  It was more of  ho-hum during the first half. But I made up for it in the latter months. 
"Planting Rice" - This was actually a free download started in 2013. Finishing touches done in early 2014. 
Here it was back in October 2013 with the sky and water left to be done. No backstitch needed (Hooray for me!) Status: unframed/rolled, for washing in the near future (-.-) 
"Hamming It Up" - Done on a whim (who can resist these cute piggies!) from Love,  Life and Laughter by Leisure Arts.
Status: unframed/rolled, covered in plastic, tucked in my finished bin. 
Just a portion of Help Wanted from Joan Elliot's Sentiments and Sayings. Done with the niece in mind, hah!... She chose the next one though >_<). Status: bear is now playing with the piggies. 
"Smile Girl" - Kit ordered from Amazon. This was actually started and done in January, but was framed before midyear and presented to "The Niece" with I love KPOP stitched under (kids these days (-(-(-.-)-)-) Status: used to hang above her bed til her room got repainted. Used it as my profile pic too!
"Little Angels" - Made of individual alphabet angels from Cross Country Stitching Magazine, selected the ones I liked. Had been UFO for so long (we're counting years here). Backstitch done last quarter of the year. Status: in finished bin. 
"Oriental Orchids"- by Dimensions. Mentioned in earlier post, backstitch and gold half stitches done from November to December. Status: where else? in the finished bin. 
"Oriental Lady" - Now too familiar from previous posts, this WIP is only missing metallic gold thread cross stitches and all the Backstitch. She will probably make an appearance once backstitch starts (when? Honestly, I don't know)... which gives me an idea for that goals and resolutions list, hmmm....
Thanks for visiting. Happy stitching!


  1. WOW Love all your finishes! you sure have been busy. I can imagine the planting rice, oriental Lady, and Orchids were a challenge. SO lovely. well done you!

    1. Thank you so much Summer. I hope that lovely baby Afghan is done, eagerly waiting for your next post.

  2. Wow love all your gorgeous pieces!! I saw you recently started following me. So I figured I would pop by and follow you. (Don't we sound like stalkers?) Love the piggy piece. Too adorable!! I look forward to getting to know you more.

    1. Thank u. I look forward to new posts on your WIPs (as I have not started anything yet for the year, am stitching vicariously thru other bloggers' new starts, lol)

  3. Absolutely love your Soda stitch finish and the little piggies are cute too :)